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Calypso Solid-State Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

Calypso Instruments manufacture ultrasonic wind meters that deliver highly accurate wind speed and direction data to commercial vessels and leisure sailors, enabling them to make key decisions with confidence. Whether you are a professional or amateur navigator, measuring wind speed and direction is key to good decision making.

Ultrasonic sensor technology has many advantages over conventional cup and vane anemometers which have moving parts such as ball bearings that can bind with age or get easily damaged when hit by birds or flying objects.

Calypso Instruments are an NMEA wind sensor that allow the user to measure wind speed and direction in real time and connect it to a boats NMEA wind display or network and via Bluetooth to smartphone, tablet or watch.

Small, durable and lightweight with ultra-low power consumption Calypso yacht wind indicators offer the perfect solution for gathering wind speed and directional data on commercial vessels or sailing yachts.

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