Groco BSPP Thread Marine Hardware

Groco have a comprehensive range of BSPP (BSP) thread marine fittings for the European market. BSPP (British Pipe Standard fittings) are the most fitted in the European and UK markets. Available in imperial sizing the range starts at ¼” and goes up to 4”. The thread flank angle is the standard BSPP 55°.

The range encompasses BSPP inline ball valves, BSPP flange adaptors, BSPP PTH Fittings (pipe to hose fittings) both straight and right angle PTHC, BSPP Scoop Strainers and BSPP Raw Water Strainers.

Constructed from solid bronze (not DZR), the range is designed for longevity, with added features such as a drain plug, grease zerk nipple, reversible handle and ratchet point on the inline ball valves, ensuring longevity, easy maintenance and reducing service costs.

You can view the whole BSPP (BSP) thread range below. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert technical advice team if you do not see the product required below or need support selecting the correct Groco item for your application. Call on 01202 600011 or use our live chat functionality.

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Groco BSPP inline ball valves

BSPP InLine Ball Valves

Groco BSPP Flange Adaptors

BSPP InLine Flange Adaptors

Groco BSPP PTH Fittings

BSPP PTH Straight Fittings

Groco BSPP PTHC Fittings

BSPP PTHC Elbow Fittings

Groco BSPP Thru-Hull Fittings - THC

BSPP Thru Hull Fittings

Groco BSPP Scoop Strainers - Thru-Hull Fittings

BSPP STH Thru Hull Fittings

Groco BSPP Raw Water Strainers

BSPP ARG Series Raw Water Strainers

Groco BSPP Raw Water Strainers

BSPP Three Way Valves

Groco Fuel Valves – FV 6 Port Series

BSPP 6 Port Series Fuel Valve

Groco Backing Block

BSPP Backing Blocks