revolve boat hook handle
revolve boat hook on deck
revolve booat hook in use
revolve boat hook
revolve boat hook handle
revolve boat hook on deck
revolve booat hook in use

Revolve-Tec Rollable Boat Hook


A unique design manufactured from advanced rollable composite materials, the revolve boat hook rolls down smaller than any other comparable boat hook measuring only 11cm x 12cm when rolled, making it ideal for yachts, ribs, dinghies, jet-skis, and other craft with limited storage space or those wanting to minimise weight.

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The Revolve boat hook is constructed from an advanced patented rollable composite material, super strong and light it unrolls in seconds, measuring 1.9m (6 feet) when deployed and weighing only 450 grams. The hook is manufactured from high strength injection moulded and non-slip rubber, making it ideal for use not only as a boat hook but also for fending off. To store it you simply roll it back up into an extremely compact circle measuring only 11cm x 12cm, minimising clutter onboard and maximising storage space. The Revolve boat hook is fully buoyant and will float if dropped overboard, a padded foam handle area makes it extremely comfortable to hold and the high-viz colour flashing makes it easy to spot and retrieve. Extremely light the strong composite boat hook weighs in around half the weight of traditional designs minimising deck damage if dropped, all materials are maintenance free and no moving parts unlike telescopic boat hooks, means no seizing of parts or corrosion, resulting in an attractive functional boat hook that will last the test of time in the harshest marine conditions. A flexible modular design you can quickly convert the boat hook into a deck brush with either a soft brush head or stiff brush head. An accessory mount with 1/4″ male and M8 female thread option allows easy mounting of a wide range of accessories including, action cameras, emergency navigation lights, smartphones etc. Sustainable Boat Hook – The rollable boat hook and the rest of the deck gear system has the following core principles guiding its design and manufacture:

  • Supply chain prioritises locally sourced and supplied material
  • Packaging is minimal and made from recycled paper
  • Product is free of single use plastics and is end of life recyclable
  • Manufacture is a low energy process and does not produce any additional emissions at point of build
  • Lightweight, weighs only 450 grams
  • Compact, stores down to 11cm x 12cm
  • Buoyancy, floats rolled or unrolled
  • High-viz handle flashes enable easy spotting for retrieval if dropped overboard
  • 1.9m long when unrolled
  • Manufactured from maintenance free highly strong composite materials
  • No moving parts to wear or seize
  • Padded foam handle for ease of use and comfort
  • Modular can be turned into a deck brush or general accessory mount quickly
  • Best new product at Newport International Boat Show 2022
  • Size Rolled: 11cm x 11cm x 12cm (4.3in x 4.3in x 4.7in)
  • Size unrolled: 1.9m (75in)
  • Weight: 447g (0.98lbs)
  • Material: Rollable polypropylene composite with integrated foam grip, injection moulded plastic hook with rubber fending tip.
  • Buoyancy: Integrated flotation chambers
  • High visibility handle
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