Revolve Boat Hook Soft Deck Bush


Revolve deck brush attachment with soft bristles for gentle cleaning on painted surfaces and gel coats is designed for use with the Revolve rollable composite handle (not included). Easily attaches to the rollable boat hook handle with an integrated bumper to protect deck fittings and mouldings.

The Revolve-Tec deck brush attachment with soft bristles has an injection moulded body with integrated bumper to minimise damaging and marking surfaces and deck equipment whilst cleaning. The soft bristles feature split end fibres making it ideal for cleaning gelcoat, clear coat, fiberglass and paint.

  • Soft bristles
  • Easily attaches to Revolve boat hook
  • Bumper to minimise marking
  • Robust injection moulded design
  • Soft bristles
Revolve Boat Hook Introduction
Revolve Boat Hook Demo