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Boatasy Innovative Mooring Solutions

Boatasy have developed a high quality modular solution yacht & powerboat boathook, designed to overcome the common problems encountered when mooring. Whether confronted with a dockside cleat, mooring ring, bollard, pillar or buoy, Boatasy have the answer.

The range includes a telescopic boat hook which enables automatic attachment of loop lines, simplifying mooring, and ensuring a fast and easy way to attach or release docking lines whilst remaining onboard.

The Boatasy GHOOK is the ideal ‘Med-Mooring’ solution  and allows you to pick up and transfer mooring lines without the need for handling the rope, ensuring hands remain clean and safe and the boats deck and hull free of mud and dirt.

The Hooklinker facilitates a complete and quick mooring or docking experience to a buoy or dockside ring, an integrated 12mm wide spring snap hook simply clips onto the buoy or ring and releases automatically from the Boatasy Dockhook.

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