Boatasy GHOOK mooring rope
Boatasy GHOOK no rope
Boatasy GHOOK with rope
Boatasy GHOOK boat
Boatasy ghook
Boatasy GHOOK mooring rope
Boatasy GHOOK no rope
Boatasy GHOOK with rope
Boatasy GHOOK boat

Boatasy GHOOK Mooring Solution


The Boatasy GHOOK simplifies mooring, allowing for easy pickup recovery and transfer of mooring lines without the need for handling the rope thus keeping your hands safe and clean and the boats hull and deck mud and dirt free.

Available with and without extension rope.

The Boatasy GHOOK is an innovative solution to picking up and transferring mooring lines without the need for handling the rope, ensuring hands remain clean and safe and the boats deck and hull free of mud and dirt.

The GHOOK incorporates a robust ergonomic handle and 7cm diameter wheel with safety latch opening, enabling a crew member to recover and pick up a mooring line with speed, particularly important in windy conditions when drifting can be an issue.

The friction free roller enables rope to be quickly moved through, even if the rope is covered in algae or shells, the large wheel enables smooth movement.

Once the mooring line is recovered the design of the GHOOK allows single handed use improving crew stability on deck, increasing safety and speed of mooring.

GHOOK comes in two options:

  • Without extension rope
  • With extension rope
  • Ergonomic G-shape handle. Ergonomic handle provides the best grip possible allowing you to use it with one hand only, the material is designed to ensure no damage to hull on contact.
  • Stainless Steel Safety Latch. Safety latch prevents the mooring line from slipping out of it during its transfer.
  • Opening for Optional Rope Extension. Opening allows you to tie on a rope extension to enhance its performance.
  • Keeps hands clean. GHOOK enables you to recover and move the mooring line without the need to handle the rope.
  • Keeps hull clean. Using GHOOK ensures dirty mooring lines will not touch the boats hull, deck, or fenders.
  • One-handed use. GHOOK is designed to be used with one hand only. The free hand can be used for better stability, increased safety, and faster movement.
  • Protects hands from injuries. No more dirty hands or cut hands, GHOOK removes the need for you to handle dirty mooring lines.
  • Speedy mooring. GHOOK’s large 7cm rotating wheel is designed to minimise friction speeding up mooring by up to 3 times.
  • Weight: 300 gram
  • 7cm rotating wheel
  • Rope extension opening
  • Stainless-steel safety latch
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