Temo 450

TEMO 450 The lightest outboard motor in the world


The first electro portable propulsion solution, responsible, flexible and ultra-light at under 5kg, the TEMO·450 outboard looks after both boaters and the environment. The perfect solution for slipway to mooring and boat to beach journeys with a range of up to 80 minutes, a 450-watt motor delivers 200 watts of propulsive power.

The TEMO-450 electric outboard is comparable to a 2HP petrol outboard but a fraction of the weight at 5kg, with no ongoing service or maintenance costs.

Extremely light and portable the unique single unit design houses the 450-watt motor, battery and control unit in a robust IP67 waterproof rated enclosure. Extremely compact Its telescopic handle reduces the engine down to only 130cm in length making it easy to store onboard or in the car.

Simple and intuitive to operate you simply squeeze the pressure sensitive trigger to go. The harder you press the faster you go. Operation in reverse is simply done by holding the reverse button down whilst squeezing the trigger. The adjustable telescopic handle extends to 170cm in length allowing the operator to move forward in the dinghy or tender improving bow/stern trim. The handle also rotates so the driver can comfortably sit on port or starboard.

The innovative design makes launching and returning to slipway or beach a simple and pleasurable experience, no need to lean over the back of the boat to lift the outboard engine, simply tilt the engine and cruise onto the beach, it operates perfectly even in the shallowest of waters.

The 450-watt motor delivers 200 watts of propulsive power, comparable to a 2HP outboard engine, perfect for slipway to mooring and boat to beach transfers. With a range of 60-80 minutes it will easily propel tenders and dinghies up to 500 kg in weight and 3m in length. The battery charges from empty in 3 hours from a 220V mains or 12V power source.

TEMO is made in France, between Brittany and the Pays De La Loire. Supported by the know-how of the best local partners and industrialists, TEMO is developing an eco-responsible and quality solution to outboard engines.

2 year warranty as standard on all purchases.

  • Powerful 450-watt motor
  • 200 watts of propulsive power
  • Extremely light, under 5kg
  • 60 – 80 minute range
  • Charges from empty in 3 hours (12V or 220V mains power source)
  • Forward and reverse functions
  • Compact only 130cm in length when handle retracted
  • IP67 waterproof rated
  • Floats (when used with TEMO Buoyancy Float)
  • TEMO-450 Outboard engine
  • Magnetic kill cord
  • Rowlock attachment
  • 220v mains charger with UK and EU plug adaptors
  • Manual
  • Warranty card
Motor Motor power 450W
Propulsive power 200W
Static thrust 12Kg
Charging 220V or 12V/ 24V
Charging time with 220V 3½ h
Nominal voltage 25V
Operation Ideal angle of inclination 30°
Acceleration Progressive acceleration on trigger
Controls Ahead / Astern
Design Total weight 4.9kg
Dimensions 130cm*21cm*21cm retracted
Length 130cm retracted to 170 cm fully extended
Propeller 3 blades, 17.5cm diameter
Waterproof rating IP67
Battery Capacity 290W
Operating temperature -20 / +60 °C
Storage temperature 5 / 25 °C
Optimal charging status in storage 50% to be checked every six (6) months
Charging time 3½ Hours
Ambient charging temperature 0 / 45 °C
Theoretical lifespan 800 cycles (>10 years average use)
Battery range at full power 45 minutes
Battery range at mid power 60-80 minutes
  • TEMO-450 Transport Bag
  • TEMO-450 Buoyancy Kit
  • TEMO-450 Spare Three Blade Propeller
  • TEMO-450 Spare Magnetic Safety Key and Hand Strap
  • TEMO-450 Anti-Theft Device
  • TEMO-450 Spare Propeller Protection
  • TEMO-450 12V Charger
  • TEMO-450 Removable Rowlock Fitting