The Duarry Coast Liferaft: Ensuring Safety at Sea

Duarry Coast Liferaft - inflated

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice adventurer, safety at sea should always be a top priority. When you venture out onto the open waters, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. One essential piece of equipment that every boater should have on board is a reliable liferaft. Among the many options available, the Duarry Coast Liferaft stands out as a trusted and dependable choice for marine safety. When space dictates you cannot fit an ISO 9650 liferaft and/or their weight means you cannot deploy with ease the Duarry Coast Liferaft offers the ideal solution.

  1. Unparalleled Reliability

When it comes to a liferaft, reliability is non-negotiable. Duarry, a renowned Spanish company with decades of experience in marine safety, has designed and manufactured the Coast Liferaft to meet the highest industry standards. Rigorous testing and quality control ensure that the liferaft can withstand the harshest conditions, providing you with peace of mind knowing that it will perform flawlessly in an emergency.

  1. Compact and Easy to Store

Smaller yachts and power craft often don’t have space for bulky ISO rated liferafts and/or they are too heavy for easy deployment. The Coast Liferaft is extremely compact measuring as small as 40cm*30cm*14cm and weighing in at just 7kg. Simple to deploy it’s manually activated achieving full inflation in just 20 seconds.

  1. Get Out of the Water

When faced with a distress situation at sea, it is vitally important to get out of the water as soon as possible to avoid hypothermia or secondary drowning. The Duarry Coast Liferaft enables coastal sailors to quickly deploy a liferaft and get out of the water.

  1. Enhanced Visibility and Safety Features

Being spotted quickly by rescue teams can be a matter of life and death in emergency situations. Duarry Coast Liferafts are designed with high-visibility colours, making them easily detectable. An insulated floor further protects you from the cold water.

  1. Global Support Network

Duarry has established a worldwide network of service stations and dealers, guaranteeing that support is available wherever your maritime adventures take you.

In summary the Duarry’s Coast Liferaft fills the gap between an ISO 9650 liferaft and a lifejacket. The coast liferaft gets you out of the water and offers protection from hypothermia, secondary drowning, and fatigue.

For technical advice and support call us on +44 (0)1202 600011 or view the Duarry Range.

Duarry Coast Liferaft - inflated
Duarry Coast Liferaft

Duarry Coast Liferaft