The Pros of Electric Outboards

Temo 450 Electric Outboard Engine

As we all get our boats back on the water and start looking forward to making the most of our time on them, many boaters maybe thinking its time to change their old fossil fuel outboard for a more economic and environmentally friendly electric version.

The benefits of electric outboards are numerous and often not obvious, in particular the TEMO 450 offers many advantages that others cannot:

Incredibly Light

The TEMO 450 electric motor weighs only 4.9 kg, which is on average 10 kg less than an equivalent internal combustion engine making it easy to transport, carry and pass down from boat to tender. Those days of trying to handle a 10-20kg outboard on a lightweight moving tender are over and the ergonomic shape of the TEMO 450 makes it an incredibly safe and easy process.

The carry bag means you can take with you when you get ashore without inconvenience and any unpleasant odours from fuel spillage.


There is virtually no noise from the TEMO 450 allowing you to enjoy the wildlife and scenery without that perpetual background rattle of a petrol outboard engine.

Ease of Use

The TEMO 450 is incredibly easy to use, no need to adjust choke, pull loaded cords to start, simply press the trigger and go removing all temperamental starting issues.

The shape and ergonomic design of the TEMO 450 make it comfortable to use whether left or right-handed you can lengthen or twist the handle to get the perfect operating position for you.

The simple tilting design allows you to launch and approach shore with ease, no need to lift the outboard skeg or wade in, just gently tilt the TEMO 450 as you approach shore and step out with dry feet.


At last, an outboard that allows you to keep one hand for your own safety and one for the boat, the TEMO 450 is so lightweight and its shape so user friendly it allows you to carry it one handed when getting aboard your tender and simply attach to the rowlock fitting on the transom, removing dangerous handling of heavy outboards and fuel.

The TEMO 450 is also the only outboard on the market that floats when the buoyancy kit is applied to the outboard shaft, so even if the worst happens you can retrieve the IP67 waterproof rated TEMO 450 without a drama and motor away.

Range and Power

With a range 0f 45-80 minutes the TEMO 450 exceeds by far the average tender journey of 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back.

The TEMO 450 version can propel boats up to 2.50 m with two to three people on board, loaded with equipment. It can also be used for boats up to 500 kg for port manoeuvres.


Yes, electric outboards are more expensive to purchase but the payback is fast with minimal running and servicing costs, The TEMO 450 costs around 1 Euro per annum on electricity and virtually no servicing costs, simply rinse off with fresh water and lubricate occasionally, payback is within 3-4 years.

The TEMO 450 battery has a capacity of 297 Wh for a full charge. With an average electricity price of € 0.184/kWh, one hour of use therefore costs 0.297 kWh x € 0.184 = € 0.05 in electricity. That is € 1 for the year.

The TEMO 450 high quality battery last for years. If you use the TEMO for, say, 20 hours every year, a boater can count on their electric outboard for 25 to 40 years. Even the most enthusiastic sailors will be able to use it intensively, from 50 to 80 hours per year for 10 years. We’ve never met such a person before, so please let us know when you break the record!

As a comparison, a 2.5 hp 4-stroke internal combustion outboard will consume an average of 1 L of unleaded petrol for about 1 hour of sailing, which is the equivalent of a TEMO 450 battery “cycle”. With a price of € 1.70 per litre of unleaded petrol, one hour of use costs € 1.70, or € 34 for the year.

In addition, additional service cost of petrol outboards can be in excess of € 100.


Clean, quiet and no spills the TEMO 450 produces no gases or pollutants when used, resulting in cleaner water, less noise pollution and less disturbance for local wildlife including nesting birds, the environment thanks you..

Battery recycling is on the up and TEMO 450 outboard batteries are high energy density lithium-ion batteries, 65% of which are recycled in France, and the rate of recycling is constantly increasing (Source: ADEME annual report on batteries, 2018).


The TEMO 450 is incredibly flexible, it charges in 3 hours from empty to full either over mains or 12v power sources.

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