Save Space Onboard

revolve boat hook

Storage onboard is often restricted with many items competing for valuable space. Revolve-Tec have come up with an innovative solution to maximise storage space onboard by reducing the size of two essential items, the boat hook and emergency antenna.

Revolve-Tec use a patented lightweight bistable rollable composite material to create a strong and durable product.

The Revolve Boat Hook measures only 11cm x 12cm when rolled but extends to 1.9m when unrolled, so it will fit simply into your boat storage cabinet, freeing up space for other items. Additionally accessories transform the boat hook into and deck brush saving further space.

The Revolve Emergency Antenna measures only 11cm x 13cm when rolled but extends to 2.5m giving unrivalled signal range, AIS compatible and channel 16 ready it is compact enough to fit into a grab bag or store in a yachts cupboard space, ready for swift deployment.

Read the product test and the product comparison done by Yachting Monthly.

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