Mechanical & Lip Seal Shaft Seal Selection & Maintenance

Lasdrop shaft seals

Replacing or maintaining shaft seals can be a daunting prospect for many boat owners but Lasdrop have designed their seals to have an extremely long life and require minimal maintenance. Manufacturers of both ‘mechanical’ and face ‘lip seal’ shaft seals, Lasdrop have a ship shaft seal solution for virtually every boat. 

There are 3 product variants:

Lasdrop Gen II Shaft Seal A unique and extremely high quality mechanical shaft seal, a ball-bearing drive system allows the seal ring to “float” and remain in constant contact with the carbon graphite seal surface, resulting in a seal that’s impenetrable to water and extremely long lasting, around 20,000 hours of use. This seal is ideal for heavily used vessels such as commercial fishing boats.

Lasdrop EliteSeal is a high-quality lip seal designed for quick and easy installation and minimal ongoing maintenance. This option uses a Nitrile lip seal that is in constant low friction contact with the propeller shaft, preventing water from entering your vessel. The simple, affordable solution to a leaking tired stuffing box. The EliteSeal comes with a spare lip seal carrier and split face design allowing two spare seals to be stored on the tube, removing the need to remove the whole shaft seal to replace the lip seal.

Lasdrop DrySeal is a compact, economical lip seal designed for quick and easy installation. It offers all of the features of the EliteSeal including the split face design. Spare seals would be held loosely on the tube.

Lasdrop Dripless Shaft Seals offer an environmentally friendly solution to shafts seals preventing contaminated bilge water from entering the seaways. A high-quality well fitted yacht shaft seal solution will keep water out and ensure engine and bilge water is kept onboard.

Manufactured and designed in the USA, Lasdrop shaft seals are backed with a three-year warranty. Each model is easy to install, requires little or no maintenance, and is sold as a complete kit.

If you want to read more on understanding shaft seals this article from gives a good insight and detail on all the various options available.

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