Hydraulic Actuator with Sensor for TPI or NMEA (A1101CP & A1101CS)


Replacement Bennett hydraulic actuator with sensor and port for TPI or NMEA. 13-3/4″ long with 2.5″ standard stroke, comes complete with 30 feet cable. Bennett actuators are built to last, maintenance-free, constructed from strong nylon and fiberglass. Available in two option, port and starboard, cable colour varies.

Bennett actuators are strong but flexible nylon/fiberglass hydraulic cylinders. The piston-like arms push tabs into position. Fluid flows through a concealed hole in the upper hinge at the top of the actuator, thus eliminating external hoses that can be subject to damage.

The Bennett Hydraulic Actuator with Sensor for TPI or NMEA with sensor comes with a port for TPI or NMEA so you can view your trim tab position live on your chart plotter. A 30 foot cable is supplied with the actuator. All Bennet actuators have 2.5″ of standard stroke.

Available in two options, port and starboard, cable colour varies:

  • A1101CP Actuator w/ sensor – port (red)
  • A1101CS Actuator w/ sensor – stbd (green)

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  • Port or Stbd for TPI or NMEA
  • View trim tab position on chart plotter
  • 30 feet cable
  • 5″ standard stroke
  • Flexible nylon/fiberglass hydraulic cylinders
  • No external hoses
  • Built to last
  • Maintenance free
  • Lifetime Limited
  • Actuator
  • 30 foot cable
  • Required hardware
  • Installation instructions
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