EchoPilot FLS 2D
EchoPilot FLS 2D
EchoPilot FLS 2D Forward Looking Sonar
EchoPilot FLS 2D
EchoPilot FLS 2D

EchoPilot FLS 2D Forward Looking Sonar


The FLS 2D Forward Looking Sonar delivers a full colour high-quality 2-dimensional Forward Looking Sonar image of the seabed on a colour, 7-inch TFT LCD display. The colour display enables far more detail about the nature of the seabed to be displayed.

The EchoPilot FLS 2D Forward Looking Sonar colour display is both visually more pleasing and delivers far more detail of the seabed. Stronger sonar echo’s produce colours at the red end of the spectrum, weaker echoes are at the blue end of the spectrum. This gives the user more information about the nature of the seabed. Stronger echoes will result from a hard seabed such as rock. Weak echo’s will be received from softer materials such as sand or mud. Different fields or types of information are shown in contrasting colours, enabling the navigator to assimilate information much faster.

The EchoPilot FLS 2D Forward Looking Sonar has a digital depth an average of the first one third of the screen ahead, that updates twice every second, delivering true real-time information. If you are moving this gives you a far more accurate representation of what is beneath your boat right now. This is far in advance of basic digital sounders that show historical data which can be 10 to 15 seconds out of date.

The EchoPilot FLS 2D has three options as follows:

  • FLS 2D Standard – With EchoPilot’s standard through hull transducer
  • the FLS 2D Professional – With EchoPilot’s Professional through hull transducer. The professional transducer has a bronze through hull housing with 3 inches of usable thread and requires a 2.37-inch diameter mounting hole.
  • FLS 2D Repeater – This repeater gives you the option for multiple FLS 2D Displays if more than one are required.

A 2m transducer cable is standard, with the option to purchase an additional 10m extension cable.

The transducer must be mounted vertically.

  • 7” Colour TFT LCD Display
  • Max Range Ahead 200M
  • Max Depth Range 100M
  • Forward Alarm
  • Digital Depth
  • Optional Swivel Bracket
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Standard Transducer with 2m cable
  • Plastic through hull skin fitting
  • Display
  • Power cable
  • Transducer
  • 2m transducer cable
  • Thru-Hull fitting and blanking cap
  • Protective cover for display