Bennett Princess Set PRI740831


Bennett Princess Set: PRI740831



Tabs – PRI2416TMDA1DF TPAP740831 2
Full Thread Screw 1-1/2 H1174 28
Retention Device HDW Special (consists of 2 x upper bracket, 2 x lower bracket, 2 x screws, 2 x locknut) PRIRD1 2
Hardware Bag, Princess Lower Hinge (consists of 4 x screws, 4 x spacers, 4 washers) PRIRDHDW 2
Standard Actuator with milled lower hinge A1101ARD 2
A1101A C/With EIC-P-and R/D Lower Hinge A1101CPEICRD 1
A1101A C/With EIC-S-and R/D Lower Hinge A1101CSEICRD 1
Hydraulic Pump Unit 24v (with CE label) high pressure V351HPU2 (HIGH PSI) 2
EIC Display EIC001 2
EIC Bridge junction box EIC701 1
EIC Cable 661 EICWH661 1
EIC Relay Module 24V EIC102DA 1
EIC lower helm Cable EIC20165 1
EIC bridge box Cable EIC301 1
EIC Bridge Wire Harness EIC80155 1
Hydraulic Tubing T112530 2
Hardware Bag (includes 2 sets actuator fixing screws per bag) H1170A 2
EIC OEM Hardware Pack OAEIC501 1
EIC Bridge Hardware Pack EIC601 1
Relay Module Port 24V RMPORT24 1
Relay Module 24 Starboard 24V RMSTBD24 1
Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF 2