How to select the right trim tab for your boat

Bennett Sport M80/M120 Trim Tab Kits

Choosing the right trim tab for your boat depends on various factors such as the size and type of your boat, top speed, its weight distribution, the type of water you’ll be navigating, and your specific needs. Trim tabs are used to adjust the boat’s attitude in the water, improving stability, fuel efficiency, and overall performance.

As a guide to the size of trim tab you require a boat with a maximum speed of 40mph (34.7knots) will require at least 1” (2.54cm) trim tab span (width) on each side of the boat for every foot in boat length. So, a 22-foot boat would use a 24” (span/width) * 9” (chord/depth) trim tab system.

Always fit the widest span/width you can as the tab will create greater lift the wider the span is. Normally 9” (22.86cm) chord/depth (front to back measurement) gives the best trim tab performance so, when possible, select this chord/depth.

Obviously, space availability can dictate the span and chord you can fit so if you can attain the same surface area by varying these two measurements that is fine. For example, you could fit an 18” (span/width) * 12” (chord/depth) trim tab system to the 22-foot boat example above and get very similar results as they deliver the same surface area (216”).

Bennett Marine offer the widest range of trim tabs on the market giving a large range of sizing options, this size chart will help you ascertain the correct size you require. They also supply a specification sheet that you can send to us and we will recommend the best solution for your boat.

Other key factors in selecting your trim tab will depend on whether you prefer a hydraulic or electric trim tab solution, below are the key differences and why you may select one or the other:

Hydraulic Trim Tab Systems

Hydraulic trim tabs are extremely reliable and perform well on boats 15’ to 80’ in length with a variety of options that suit a wide range of boat types, weights, and top speeds. They perform well on large and small boats and come in a wide range of sizes. For boats over 30 feet in length a hydraulic trim tab system is the recommendation.

Electric Trim Tab Systems

Electric trim tabs offer a simpler installation than hydraulic with less parts and no need for a hydraulic pump or associated piping. Recommended for boats up to 30 feet in length Bennet also offer a heavy-duty variant for the larger boats adding strength when required. Bennett BOLT actuators are extremely reliable and very popular for boast 15’ to 25’ in length.

Remember that the goal of installing trim tabs is to improve your boat’s performance, handling, and stability. It’s essential to choose a trim tab that matches your boat’s characteristics and your specific boating habits. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Marine-Products-Direct to gain expert advice.

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Bennett Trim Tab Sizing Chart