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Mantus Bridles & Snubber Pendants

Mantus have designed a complete range of bridles and snubbers to ensure that your anchor has the highest chance of staying put and your boat staying intact without any chafing damage.

Manufactured from strong and durable nylon the are designed to absorb the shock load from wind gusts and waves and include chafe protection to all areas exposed to rubbing thus eliminating any unnecessary rub marks on your boats hull and decks. All thimbles are manufactured from heavy duty 316L stainless steel thimbles.

The Mantus Chain Hook/Grabber is sized for your chain and manufactured from 316L stainless-steel ensuring a secure attachment at all times.

You can view the complete range below and don’t hesitate to contact our expert technical advice team on 01202 624244 or use our live chat functionality if you require advice.


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Mantus M2 Chain Hook

Mantus Universal Bridle

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Mantus Catamaran Bridle

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Mantus Single Leg Snubber

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