Dr Shrink Strap Protector, DS-PROTECTOR

Dr Shrink Protector improves object protection as a ‘corner guard’ to protect shrink-wrap film from being punctured or torn on sharp edges. It can also be used to keep woven strapping from forming dents in vinyl upholstery on boats,

Sold individually.

The Dr Shrink Protector is designed to lift shrink-wrap away from the object below helping to improve ventilation and protects surfaces from chafing.

The Protector is designed for two different applications:

  • A method of keeping strapping from forming dents in vinyl upholstery on boats
  • Used as a corner guard to keep shrink wrap and strapping from being cut on sharp edges

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  • Notched on all four sides for easy attachment to strapping
  • Strapping is kept from pressing on vinyl marine upholstery which can leave permanent depressions in the material
  • Can be used on corners of machinery, boats, RVs or scaffolding to keep sharp edges from weakening or cutting, both the strapping and shrink wrap
  • Very inexpensive, durable and flexible
  • 3” (7.62cm) * 3” (7.62cm) * 0.5” (1.27cm)
  • Black