Dr Shrink Self Adhesive Weather Tight Vent, Black, DS-683

The Dr Shrink DS-683 Vent provides an waterproof vent in a shrink-wrap installation delivering airflow to the interior, reducing humidity and moisture levels.

The Dr Shrink DS-683 Vent is a 4″ x 5″ (10.16cm*12.7cm) self-adhesive, weather tight vent that creates a waterproof vent in a shrink-wrap cover, enabling airflow and reducing moisture buildup without compromising the covers waterproof integrity.

The design has a removable top for easy installation and scalloped edges with raised walls allow for vertical or horizontal installation.

Sold individually or case of 100

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  • Black
  • Easy installation with removable top
  • Scalloped edges for waterproof integrity
  • Helps reduce interior humidity levels
  • 4″ x 5″ (10cm*10cm*12.7cm)
  • Black