Dr Shrink 180 Micron (7Mil), Industrial Grade Shrink Wrap, Clear, 32′ X 100′ – (DS-327100C)

32 feet (9.75m) wide by 100 feet (30.48m) long roll of clear shrink-wrap. 180 Micron (7Mil) #4 LDPE and clear colouring make this a perfect roll for greenhouses and non-storage applications. With 100 linear feet (+/- 4%) of material, each roll will last for multiple projects.

Dr Shrink 180µm clear shrink-wrap sheeting is manufactured to be most suited for covering greenhouses, or object requiring a clear view internally and non-storage items.

Sheets of 9.75metres (32feet) width, perfect for encapsulation of objects to provide protection when in use and light is important for use.

Commonly used to cover greenhouses, poly tunnels and items requiring clear viewing internally.

Want to learn more on how to select and install shrink-wrap film, visit our ‘how to use’ resource.

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Shrink wrap can burn.

If heat is applied incorrectly, shrink wrap can ignite into open flame. It can also drop down onto other combustible material and cause secondary ignition and fire. If at any time you observe the wrap on fire immediately stop what you are doing and carefully inspect the area where you are working for a possible fire. Keep a fire extinguisher available at all times.

  • 100% virgin resin material
  • #4 LDPE Material
  • Fully recyclable
  • 12 month UV protection
  • 3,200 square feet / 297 square metres.
  • Ship Weight: 116lbs (53kg) per roll
  • Rolls sold individually
  • Pallet Quantity: 12 rolls
  • Weight: 53kg (116lbs) per roll
  • Dimensions: 65”(165cm) × 11”(28cm) × 11”(28cm)
  • Colour: Clear
  • Width: 32 feet (9.75m)
  • Industry – Greenhouses, Recreation, and DIY
  • Length – 100 feet (30.48m)
  • Mil /Micron Thickness: 180 Micron / 7 Mil
  • Product Type: Standard Shrink Wrap
  • Square Area:- 3,200 Sq. Ft. / 297 Sq. M.