Bennett AutoTrim Pro Automatic Control Switch (BOLT Systems Only) (AP000A1BC)


AutoTrim Pro automatically levels the pitch and roll of your boat, adjusting your trim tabs to changes in vessel speed, sea conditions and shifting weight without the need for manual intervention. The functionality and ‘brains’ of the control unit are engineered directly into a single, space-saving, and simple-to-install keypad. Reduce bow rise and correct listing automatically.

Bennett AutoTrim Pro Automatic Control for BOLT electric systems is an all-in-one automatic trim tab control system designed for boats of all sizes, packed full of features its an easy-to-use, space-saving keypad. Reduce bow rise, improve visibility and correct listing automatically. The switch is water resistant, highly accurate, and features variable intensity LEDs for easy viewing whether night or day.

You can enjoy the convenience of riding in auto mode, or you can return to manual mode at the touch of a button.

Trim Tab Position Indication alerts you to the position and activity of the trim tabs. ‘All Up’ and ‘All Down’ Buttons allow for one-touch manual adjustments. Automatic Tab Retraction protects tabs during storage and trailering.

Unsure on your exact requirement call our expert technical advice team on 01202 600011 or use our live chat functionality.

  • Compatible with Bennett BOLT electric trim tabssystems and most non-Bennett electric trim tab systems
  • Auto trim tab control with favourite buttons
  • Take manual control of your trim tabs at any time
  • Trim tab position indicator lights
  • Convenient “All Up” and “All Down” buttons
  • Auto Tab Retractor (tabs retract up when the ignition is powered off)
  • Highly accurate
  • Variable intensity LEDs for night or day
  • Water resistant Keypad and connectors ensure years of trouble-free operation.
  • ATP helm display w/3-ft. cable (ATPDISP) * 1
  • ATP control unit w/3-ft. cable (ATPBOLTCTRL) * 1
  • 25′ extension cable (BHW4025) * 1
  • Required hardware
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