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Mantus support their wide product range with a complete range of spares and replacement parts, so you can be assured that your Mantus product will be supported throughout its lifetime

These spares include M1 Anchor Bolts, M2 Anchor Bolts, Shackle Springs, Anchor Guard Pads and much more.

All spares are manufactured from the highest quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards.

You can view the complete range below and don’t hesitate to contact our expert technical advice team on 01202 624244 or use our live chat functionality if you require advice.


Mantus Anchors

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Mantus M2 Chain Hook

Mantus M2 Chain Hook Strap

mantus rope clip

Mantus M1 Anchor Bolts

mantus rail clamp

Mantus M1 Anchor Bolts SS

Mantus Anchor Swivel

Mantus M2 Anchor Bolts

Mantus Shackle

Mantus M2 Anchor Bolts SS

Mantus M2 Chain Hook

Mantus Cotter Pin

Mantus Anchor Bracket

Mantus Swivel Pin

Mantus Anchor Bungee

Mantus Shackle Spring

Mantus Universal Key

Mantus Anchor Guard Pad