Bennett Actuator Upper Hinge (A1103EX)


Replacement Bennett Upper Hinge assembly for the Bennett hydraulic actuators range A1101A, A1200SRC and the A1200S with external hydraulic line connection. Used when there is no accessibility inside the transom.

Bennett’s A1103EX Upper Hinge from the A1101 Actuator Assembly allows fluid to flow via an external hose attachment. This is only used when access to inside the transom is unavailable meaning you cannot use the standard A1103 Upper Hinge. The upper hinge assembly will fit all the Bennett hydraulic actuators, including:

  • Hydraulic Actuator Assembly – A1101A
  • Short Hydraulic Actuator Assembly – A1200S
  • Hydraulic Short M80/M120 Actuator (with rivet clearance) – A1200SRC.

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  • Includes O-Ring
  • Fits all Bennett hydraulic actuators
  • Upper Hinge (A1103EX)
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